Kopytenko Yuri Anatolevich

Research interests include: geophysics.

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Doctor of Sciences
Laboratory of Ground Geomagnetic Research
Chief Researcher
+7 (812) 323-78-45

I was born in Leningrad in 1939. I graduated physical faculty of Leningrad State University in 1964. After University up to present time I am working in SPbF IZMIRAN. Since 1988 I am the director of SPbF IZMIRAN. In 1971 I defended Ph.D. thesis «Geomagnetic pulsations Pc 4 type in connection with physical processes in the magnetosphere of the Earth». In 1998 I defended Doc. Sci. degree «Space-temporal peculiarities of geomagnetic pulsations in geophysical investigations». I am the professor of geophysics from 2008. I deal with the investigation at the network magnetovariation stations of the ionospheric and litospheric sources of the geomagnetic disturbances, connected with physical process in the magnetosphere and in seismical area of the earth’s rust for study magnetosphere-ionosphere couplings, conductivity of lithosphere and of short-time precursors of the strong earthquakes. I have more than 170 scientific publications, several from these below:


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